Olde Type Bulldogges

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We offer a registration- and pedigree service also for  Olde Type Bulldogges.

Searching an Olde Type Bulldogge ? write to our secretary : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

July 2019: litters in Germany , France, Blgium (info by email)

Olde British Bulldogges are small Bulldogges up to 30 kg and size up to 48 cm.

They should have:

- clear Bulldog-type and character

- a complete tail, functional anatomy, balanced weight

- clear but not exaggerated undershot bite

- colours: 1. white with fawn-red, black or brindle patches, any combination.
                2. solid white, solid red-fawn, solid brindle, solid black.
                3. black mask or without mask
                attention: blue, blue-fawn, black-and-tan or brown-and-tan coloured dogs can not be registered.

Puppies born with incomplete tail can be registered, also "interbreds" with British Bulldogs.



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